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Lecolion Washington

Executive Director
Community Music Center of Boston - Boston, MA

Lecolion Washington is the Executive Director of the Community Music Center of Boston after serving over 15 years as a bassoon professor. Washington is dedicated to supporting the next generation of arts activists/entrepreneurs.

What's an emerging opportunity that can be developed in the classical music performance world / how can classical music expand its impact in the present moment?

Classical music can expand its impact by realizing that the word “culture” in “arts and culture” cannot be activated without an emphasis on identity. One cannot discuss and/or champion for culture while ignoring identity.

How does your institution reflect the values of the AVANT initiative in general, and/or the IMPACT PERFORMANCE competition in particular?

The Community Music Center of Boston’s focus area this year for our concert series was to feature women and POC composers and performers. CMCB is also an organization that is working to use identity as a building block for program design.

What would you say to an artist considering applying to the IMPACT PERFORMANCE innovation competition?

One cannot seek change while also actively strengthening the status quo. Whichever one you do the most is who you are.