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Aisha Ahmad-Post_headshot

Aisha Ahmad-Post

Ent Center for the Arts - Colorado Springs, CO

Aisha Ahmad-Post is the Director of the Ent Center for the Arts at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Previously, she was the Producer for Public Programs at The New York Public Library, and has held positions with Columbia Artists Management, Barrett Vantage Artists, and the Aspen Music Festival and School. Ahmad-Post holds a bachelors in piano and international relations and a masters in music theory from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

What's an emerging opportunity that can be developed in the classical music performance world / how can classical music expand its impact in the present moment?

I think it’s easier than ever for musicians to collaborate directly with composers, to have that dialogue between performer and composer, and to take risks with repertoire and lifting up lesser-known or newer composers.

How does your institution reflect the values of the AVANT initiative in general, and/or the IMPACT PERFORMANCE competition in particular?

We can’t afford to be okay with the status quo. A university is by nature interdisciplinary and values creative research and work; why should the performing arts center be any different?

What would you say to an artist considering applying to the IMPACT PERFORMANCE innovation competition?

There’s room for everyone in this field. You don’t have to be an artist in a certain way because your teacher said that’s the only way, or because that’s how you’ve always done it. Be thoughtful, be curious, be imaginative, and be bold!